About Life in a Flash

4. Why do you need my contact information if you're just providing me with a quote?

We want to be able to contact you for a few reasons. First, to check the validity of your request, second is to give you more information on the process of how this system works. If you choose to purchase insurance through our system we want to be able to give you all the information you would expect when you purchase life insurance in person. Information includes what comes next, what to expect with your policy in the future, what happens when the term ends and more. We also want to make ourselves available to answer any additional questions you may have. We will never share your information nor will we ever contact you after the initial contact unless specifically asked for by you.

6. PLEASE READ! If you plan on replacing any existing coverage with coverage through this system.

After you get your quote you will notice that the coverage is very affordable and you may want to replace some existing coverage. That's fantastic we're happy to help however this has caused a problem in the past. Fidelity Security Life has not yet filed with the State of Florida to have their software to be able to replace coverage. In order for you to replace any existing coverage through this system at this time, you must contact us so we can send you the proper replacement forms via email or regular mail. Once you enter the quoting tool one of the first questions you will have to answer is; Are you replacing any coverage? You must answer no in order to continue. If you decide to purchase a policy and it's replacing coverage you MUST contact us so we can send you the proper FL replacement paperwork.

1. Who am I getting a quote from?

Whether you just want to get a quote or you end up buying life insurance you are using Gulf Coast Insurance Brokers as the agent or agency and Fidelity Security Life as the insurance provider.​

Fidelity Security Life

Lightning Issue Term Life Insurance is underwritten by and administered by Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company (FSL), 3130 Broadway, Kansas City, MO 64111.

Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company has been rated A– (Excellent), based on an analysis of financial position and operating performance by A.M. Best Company, an independent analyst of the insurance industry. For the latest rating, access www.ambest.com.


7. For immediate assistance.

Contact Gulf Coast Insurance Brokers

Phone: 813-530-8021

Email: Jroman@gcibtampa.com

Or click the contact us button and submit an online inquiry. 

5. Am I going to get spam e-mails and annoying phone calls if I fill this form out?

No, as stated in FAQ 4. we will never contact you after the first original contact this will be done either by phone, email or both unless you express interest and more importantly you ask us to. Gulf Coast Insurance Brokers respects your privacy and we have a strict enforcement of the CAN-Spam law and the Do Not Call registry. If an employee of ours violates either one of these laws we would appreciate it if you would bring it to our attention so we may address it immediately.

3. Are these quotes accurate?

Yes, Fidelity Security Life has given the consumer access to the same software we use so you can quote yourself Term Life Insurance. FSL is most likely the first of many more to come that is going to offer DTC (Direct to Consumer) insurance solutions. We are excited to be able to offer it to you.

2. How can Life Insurance be bought online?

It's possible due to FSL's express underwriting. That's another revolutionary feature about this system. There is only 3 health related underwriting questions before you get your quote. If you choose to move forward and purchase life insurance through this system you will be asked to give other personal information through FSL's secure site. After this information is entered into the system within minutes you have your final underwriting decision. If it meets your approval you can bind coverage and your policy is mailed to you approximately 48 hours after you exit the system. There is no phone call needed and zero agent involvement this system can be accessed anytime anywhere so we make it a top priority to contact everyone that has entered into the quote system whether they buy or not.